Religion And Life


Questions and answers on Christanity

Our beliefs:

  • Faiths are extremely distinct.
  • Religions teach different perceptions of God.
  • All religions cannot be absolutely accurate in their beliefs.
  • Some faiths and their followers have committed horrible atrocities against minorities and women.
  • Honest doubt helps prevent many spiritual injustices. Those who were sure of their faith were the ones.
  • All, or nearly all, theistic religions are “bottom up” faiths. That’s, their beliefs Jason Hope, practices and sacred books are the creation of individuals trying to get the deity or deities they have created.
  • That’s, sacred books, practices and their beliefs signify revelation to humankind from God.
  • This site describes both the negative and positive aspects of faiths.
  • It’s acceptable where others are harmed by those activities to criticize the actions of religion groups.
  • This website describes dozens from Asatru to Christianity to Zoroastrianism to Wicca. We describe non-theistic ethical belief systems, like Agnosticism, Atheism and Humanism.
  • We describe all sides of each issue that is contentious, from abortion, including capital punishment, evolution & creation science, and homosexuality, to physician assisted suicide.
  • To be tolerant does not require that other beliefs are accepted by us as true.
  • By spiritual toleration, we mean that everyone – Muslims, Christians, Jews, Wiccans, and others — should have the ability to follow practices and their own religious beliefs freely.
  • Religious diversity is increasing throughout North America.


This site was created by William V. Cox in 2014